Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be used to pay for final expenses as well as additional debt. Learn how to leave a legacy to your spouse, children and grandchildren. Make sure there are sufficient assets so as not to leave a financial burden on your family and loved ones.


Juvenilee Insurance

New child? grandchild? Purchasing insurance for them can give them a starting nest egg when they reach maturity!


Disability Insurance

Would you have difficulty paying your bills (e.g. mortgage, car loan(s) and living expenses) should you become disabled? If so, you should consider purchasing long term disability insurance. Chances are greater that you might become disabled than pass away. Ask us for a free disability insurance quote today and ensure that you and your family are financially taken care of in the event of a disability.


Long Term Care

Learn how to protect your assets and loved ones in the event of a long term convalescence. Find out how to pay for long term nursing at home, care in an assisted living facility and care in a nursing home. Learn how to structure a policy to meet your needs in the event you cannot care for yourself.


Final Expense Coverage

Have you made financial arrangements for final expenses such as a funeral, burial plot, etc.? Do you wish to leave your heirs debt free? If you haven’t considered this than you should purchase Final Expense Insurance. Why leave the financial burden to your heirs when you can take care of them yourself? Ask us for a free no obligation quotation today!

Gracemarie Horan-Luce

Senior Health Plan Specialists, Inc.