2019 Medicare Changes

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Medicare Part A - Deductible $1,364
Daily coinsurance: 61-90 $341/day & lifetime reserve 91-150 $682/day

Skilled Nursing Facility - Copay $170.50 per day (days 21-100)

Medicare Part B - Deductible $185.00

Medicare Supplement Plan “High Deductible F” (F+) - Deductible $2,300

Part D Deductible - Up to $415 (not all plans have deductibles)

    Phase I - up to $3,820; comprised of deductible, copayments and the amount the Part D plan pays

    Phase II - coverage gap (also known as donut hole); Medicare Beneficiary pays their Rx costs at 25% Brand / 37% Generic

    Phase III - once the Medicare Beneficiary pays a total of $5,100 out-of-pocket (includes deductible, copays, and the cost of their percentage of Rx in coverage gap), the Part D plan pays approximately 95% of costs thereafter