I Have Employees Who Want To Transition
From Our Group Plan To Medicare.

How Do We Do This?

As your workforce ages many of them will approach your HR department looking for information on their Medicare health options.

Dealing with those questions may go beyond the bounds of what your department can do.

HR Guidance™, a free service offered by Senior Health Plan Specialists, Inc. is just the resource you need to help retiring staff become aware of the many options available to them. 

Our representatives are familiar with all the major supplemental and advantage carriers and can provide an unbiased approach to Medicare decision-making.

Don’t Be Medi-Careless
Learn To Be Be Medi-Careful!

Why Should I Call Senior Health Plan Specialists, Inc?

1. Seminar Education. We’ll be happy to come to your office or place of business to deliver a seminar to your employees on all aspects of the Medicare landscape. Whether its after-hours or Lunch & Learn, this free, no-obligation program offers valuable info to your employees. 

2. Personalized Needs Analysis. We will sit in a private meeting, one-on-one with interested employees to determine what supplemental programs best suit their needs and budget.

3.  Comparison Shopping. We represent a wide variety of choices from many different companies, so we will find the right combination of plans, personalized for every interested party. 

4. Guided Enrollment. We will shepherd your employee thru the enrollment process and smooth out all the wrinkles along the way.

 5. Yearly review. Everyone knows circumstances can change. When they do, we will be their to re-tailor the plans to keep costs down and fit the new circumstances.

For more information or to set an appointment for HR Guidance,
call Gracemarie Horan-Luce at (631) 559-7500 or email her at
or Al Anastasi at (516) 972-2046 or email him at